The Problem With Watching Fast Action On Some HDTV’s

Some people experience black lines when watching sports or fast action scenes which is called interlacing. 1080i has full resolution but it is interlaced meaning that when watching action scenes and you experience these lines it is because each frame contains only half of the image’s horizontal lines. The frame that has an odd number of lines is followed by a frame that has an even number of lines. 720p does not have problems with interlacing but it also does not have the resolution of the 1080i. 1080p solves both of these problems.

By Lincoln Spector, PCWorld Apr 11, 2011 7:21 AM Ericuse165 asked the HDTV & Home Theater forum about the “little black lines and spots” that appear on his HDTV screen while watching fast-moving sports action. He wondered if the problem was in the

When buying a HDTV my personal preference would be the 1080p model which can be a bit more money but worth it if you are always watching sports or action movies.

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