Panasonic Blu-Ray Disc Recorder

Panasonic has a blu-ray recorder that lets you record to the built in 250 GB hard drive, blu-ray or dvd disc. You also have the option to compress the recording if you like on to the disc.

A true technophile will need all these in creating their very own home theater system. As an overview, the Panasonic DMR-BW780EBK Blu-ray recorder comes with a 250GB hard drive, HDMI upscaling and Freeview HD to bring you HD channels from BBC,

The recording to a dvd, blu-ray or hard drive is an awesome feature that this blu-ray player has. There are many times I would like to record certain news clips or tv shows without having to pay a monthly fee for a dvr device. The other nice thing about recording straight to the disc is being able to record and take it to a friends house for veiwing if so desired.

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