More Blu-ray Discs Will Support The UltraViolet Disc Format In 2012

As movie formats change very rapidly movie fans are no longer bound to the traditional home theater. More blue-ray discs will support the UltraViolet disc format in 2102 which means all the portable devices that support this format can keep you entertained or educated where ever you may be. With the choice of having movies stored in the cloud the need for massive flash memory in these portable devices is no longer necessary of which will greatly help keep costs down and more money in your pocket.

More blue-ray discs will support the UltraViolet disc format in 2102

Hollywood hopes to keep Blu-ray disc momentum rolling in“Consumers want to consume different movies in different places” says Craig Kornblau, president of Universal Studios Home Entertainment  and DEG vice president. “There are consumers who are more interested in (only) having movies in the cloud. They can actually start that collection today. That doesn’t mean physical discs will go away completely.” Among the first studios in 2011 with UltraViolet discs:2012 with increased portability of purchased films. The first discs supporting the industry’s UltraViolet format were launched in 2011. That format allows for downloading a digital version of a film into a cloud-based online locker that can be accessed via smartphones and tablets at no extra cost.

Universal (Cowboys & Aliens), Sony (Friends With Benefits) and Warner (Green Lantern). Studios plan to announce Tuesday more than 100 UltraViolet discs due this year, including releases from Paramount and Fox.

“We see UltraViolet as kind of icing on the cake,” says Fox Home Entertainment President Mike Dunn. “Once that ecosystem is in place, you have the opportunity … to go from a niche market to mass market.”

As more blu-ray discs will support the UltraViolet disc format in 2012. I was skeptical about the cloud format as I was looking for flash memory to take over completely but as technology keeps advancing I think flash memory and cloud storage will be here to stay for quite some time as both of these formats integrate nicely in today’s society as well as far into the future.

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