Motion Sensor Technology And The Future Of Apple

Motion sensor technology could lead us into a "touchless" society

Motion sensor technology and the future of Apple seems to be going in the direction of a new 3D like touchless screen with the filing of their new patent which will allow the user to look at part of the screen which then simulates the actual touch from a finger by tracking a persons eye, and the operating system will appear to be in a 3D virtual environment. You can read the entire article on digital spy which was written by Andrew Laughlin.

Motion sensor technology and the future of Apple

Objects on the screen, such as icons and menus, would also cast shadows in relation to the light source, creating a 3D dimension to device interfaces.

The Tim Cook-led company described the virtual 3D operating system technology as being like a “bento box”, with the user peering inside the device as they would with one of the lunchboxes.

“It is possible to render the virtual 3D operating system environment as having a recessed ‘bento box’ form factor inside the display… As the user rotates the device, he or she could look into each ‘cubby hole’ of the bento box independently,” said the filing.

“It would also then be possible, via the use of a front-facing camera, to have visual ‘spotlight’ effects follow the user’s gaze, i.e., by having the spotlight effect ‘shine’ on the place in the display that the user is currently looking into.”

Apple’s patent also covers how users would see “behind” the virtual objects in the iOS operating system environment. Objects won’t just appear in 3D, but also behave as though they were 3D, it said.

Apart from looking more distinctive among touchscreen devices, the 3D eye-tracking technology could also create better gaming experiences on iPhones and iPads, as well as televisions, laptops and desktops.

This is cutting edge Motion sensor technology and the future of Apple could also change the way we navigate and use our home theaters and every other mobile device with a screen.

What kind of examples do you think this technology would be useful with? Please comment and let us know. We would love to hear from you.


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