Having Trouble Deciding Between A Plasma And An LCD HDTV?

Plasma and LCD HDTV’s are very different from eachother. Plasma TV’s discharge light to the shape of the TV screen from the transformation of the nobel gasses that form the plasma. Plasma HDTV’s have a lifespan of up to 60,000 hours of use and have richer colors and truer blacks compared to the LCD HDTV. Plasma TVs have a wider veiwing angle than the LCD screen. LCD screens have liquid crystals in front of fluorescent or another type of backlighting. Pixels in a LCD screen that should be black will have light leaking through which will ruin the contrast.

Plasma TV’s and LCDs (liquid crystal displays) are both kinds of flat screened televisions. Plasmas work by transforming noble gases into plasma, which then discharges light to shape the display on the screen. Each small compartment of gases
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In my opinion LCD HDTV’s are great options for kids bedrooms or any place where you would like to have a place to watch TV that is not part of your home theater. I would consider a high end Plasma HDTV in my main home theater due to the higher cost and quality. On the other hand if quality is not on the top of the list and the cost is an issue, then an LCD TV might be your best option.

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