Everything You Wanted To Know About Blu-Ray But Were Afraid To Ask

The single layer Blu-Ray disc can hold 25GB of data while the duel layer Blu-Ray Disc can hold 50GB of data. A standard DVD can only hold 8.5 GB of data. The Blu-Ray player uses a blue laser which is also thinner than the red laser that is used on the standard DVD players. This means that the the surrounding data does not get in the way of the lasers reading ability allowing it to read more data.

Blu-ray Home Theaters: We have seen DVD based home theaters. However, swap that DVD player with a Blu-ray capable one and we have a completely updated hardware, with home theater speakers for the complete audio experience. Philips, Sony and Samsung

Blu-Ray discs definitely has an advantage over the standard DVD player when it come to high definition! on the other hand if quality is not important then this is the time to buy up standard DVDs for cheap before they head out the door.

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