Plasma 3D TVs Have The Best Picture Quality

3D HDTVs that use passive technology use 3D glasses that are much lighter and less expensive than the active 3D technology. Passive HDTVs can only show half the vertical resolution of a standard 1080p which means it can create jagged lines. Consumer reports say that these jagged lines are smooth when viewing this passive 3D technology with the new 3D LCD set from Vizio.

“In general, our testers have found that plasma 3D TVs provide the best overall 3D picture quality, primarily because they have less ghosting.

So basically if you want the best picture while veiwing a 3D movie in your home theater then get a plasma 3D HDTV if you don’t mind the heavier active 3D glasses. On the other hand the passive 3D technology is great for smaller children and for adults who do not not like wearing heavier 3D glasses which can become uncomfortable after long periods of time.

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