Will You Buy An “Active” or “Passive” 3D HDTV?

“Active” 3D Glasses are much more expensive and heavier than the “Passive” 3D Glasses. Passive 3D Glasses are the kind that the movie cinema’s use but can lack in image quality. Active 3D shutter glasses are small LCD screens that alternately dim each side and use an infrared signal with the TV that tells the pair of glasses when to dim each side. “Passive” 3D Glasses are polarized create the illusion of depth by blocking different kinds of light from each eye. Your brain will perceive a 1080p image when it puts the images from each eye together.

Which 3D TV technology will come out on top? We put three 3D sets side by side to see which 3D tech is the right choice.

Passive 3D Glaases seem to be the better choice due to the comfortablity factor which can make a huge difference when watching 3D movies on your home theater system for long periods of time. Even though the “Active” 3D Glasses give a better 3D picture it seems like “passive” 3D technology is in the lead since they are much cheaper and more comfortable to wear. When shopping for a 3D HDTV try all the brands out in the store before you invest your cash. If you are buying a 3D HDTV for the whole family then look into a “Passive” 3D system.

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