What Will The 3D TVs Be Like In A Year?

Could the “Active” and “Passive” 3D HDTV formats rival eachother or even cancel eachother out? Just Like the HD DVD and Blu-Ray dvds were both on the market the Blu-Ray won. The same is true with the older versions of Beta and VHS tapes were around, the VHS had won. Could the 3D HDTV be in trouble as well?

Home installers can’t live without it. So what’s happening to the home A/V industry now? Will there be a breakout technology any time soon? It’s certainly been a while since we’ve had a “next best thing” in home theater or home audio.

The possibillty of 3D HDTVs could change altogether and One format could preveil because I just do not see both “active” and “passive” 3D TVS staying in the same ring for very much longer. Plus with Nintindo coming out with the Nintendo 3DS without having to use glasses is a sign that this technology is already hear. We have heard that 3D TVs that don’t require glasses are on there way in about a year. With all of this confusion its no wonder people might hesitate before purchasing a 3D HDTV for their home theater.

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