Setting Up Your Home Theater System For The Best Sound Quality

Setting up your Sony HDTV can be an easy experience. By placing your 5.1 surround sound speakers in the correct placement you will get optimal sound quality. Place two speakers in the back of the room facing you while having two spakers located on each side of your HDTV also facing you. Next place the slim speaker just below your HDTV in the center and have your subwoofer placed on either side of your entertainment center. There should be a space of at least a half a foot between your entertainment center and your subwoofer. Some surround sound sytems have a microphone that you can place where you will be sitting and it will automatically optimize surround sound system for you. ► Home Theater Setup: Tips for setting up a home theater system have the latest and best equipment and need help figuring out how to

This video is a short but very informative on setting up your smaller home theater with ease by using HDMI cables. I really like how the included microphone can help you optimize the distance from where you will be watching your HDTV and your surround sound system for the best sound quality.

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