The Panasonic SC-BTT350 Blu-ray 3D Home Theater In A Box

The new 3D capability feature that comes with the new HDTVs that people are buying can be lacking on a high quality 3D source. Even though some cable and satellite companies are offering 3D channels they have a lower resolution format that does not take full advantage of a full HD 3D TV. A 3D Blu-Ray player is the only format that presents 3D movies and other content in full high definition 1080p quality to both eyes in 3D mode.

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Panasonic’s SC-BTT350 Blu-ray 3D Home Theater surround sound system is a high definition Blu-ray 3D player and is selling for under $350. This is a great value for a high quality surround sound system and I would definitely look into this “home theater in a box” if this is in your price range.

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