Why You Should Buy The Cheaper HDMI Cables

There is no difference between expensive high end HDMI cables or the cheaper HDMI cables. An HDMI cable uses Transition Minimized Differential Signaling or TMDS. One of the jobs of TDMS is to minimize how many transitions there are Before sending the signal out via the HDMI output by way of rearranging the 1s and 0s at the source such as a blu ray player, HD cable box, or satellite box. The DS part of TDMS is the actual cable which is made up of small copper wires. Two different versions of the signal is sent over the wires of which one signal is out of phase and the other is the real signal. When the TV receives all the data, it puts the out-of-phase signal back in phase, then compares it to the “real” signal. Any noise picked up will be ignored. With any HDMI cable you get the complete signal or you do not get it at all.


Image taken on a 50-inch flat panel TV attempting to show a 1080p/60 Blu-ray concert video. A closeup view of the HDMI cable failure known as sparkles. Image taken from a projected image, 1080p source and display. Sparkles don’t always have to look so

You can save a lot of money when shopping for the cheaper HDMI cables. So many people are persuaded into thinking that buying the more is expensive item is the better choice. Most of the time this is true but not in this case. If You have many HDTVs in your house knowing this can save you a ton of money!


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