Lighter 3D Glasses From Samsung

Samsung has made their 3D Glasses 25% lighter andᅠadded a circular frame to fit around most head sizes and allows you to still be able to wear your prescription glasses. It also has bluetooth and a charging guage.

by Ross Rubin 3D glasses are a double-edged sword for TV manufacturers. According to NPD’s 3D 360° Monitor, an aversion to wearing glasses is the second most popular reason consumers give for not wanting to purchase a 3DTV. But for those who do buy 3D


Samsung has these improved 3D glassesForᅠ$100 per pair. It sounds like Samsung is listening to the feedback from the 1st generation 3D glasses owners. This is good news if you are one of the people who do not like the heavier versions while you are watching 3D movies on your wireless home theater.

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