Can You Survive Without You Cable Or satellite?

If you are tired of paying over a $100 per month with your cable or satellite provider then there are many options to free yourself and still have the programming that you want. You can get high definition TV stations from the networks with a over-the-air antenna. You can also use various streaming video services with your home theater sytem. If you do not have any devices that do not support streaming services then you might want to consider getting a streaming video box. If you are only interested in just a few shows or a tv series at a given time then and do not want to wait for it to show up on netflix then places like Amazon or itunes might be the best choice for you.

For $8 per month, you get unlimited access to Netflix’s instant streaming catalog of 20000 films and TVshows, which you can watch on your computer, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, and any other Netflix-enabled home theater device, such as a Wii or certain

If you subscribe to all the various media services then you very well could end up spending way more than what you would pay for cable or satellite. There are many of you that might prefer to only pay for what you watch, If you are someone that only watches just a handful of movies or shows then why even pay for something everyday that you are not going to watch?

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