Realistic Motion Theater Seats That Sync to The Movie!

Experience movie motion effects in your theater seat like you are actually part of the movie! Your seat will move in synch to what is going on in the movie. A company called D-Box Motion Code which is a supplier for high end home theater systems is starting to equip theaters with these motion effect seats.

The technology behind the seats isn’t new; companies have been making full-motion video game chairs for years, and D-Box initially entered the market as a supplier for high-end home theater systems. But this is the first time the seats are migrating

This will bring an entirly new dimension to movies at the cinema. With the added $8.00 surcharge it will be an expensive movie but you will also feel like you had an hour and a half ride at an amusement park. I am looking forward to this technology at my local cinema. Better yet, maybe even adding it to my own home theater sytem.

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