Nintendo 3D Game Console Coming Soon

Nintendo will be releasing a Native 3D game console that is “rumored to sport a graphics processor that will surpass those used in the PS3 and Xbox 360.” They “will support a 1080p output along with a Blu-ray drive. This means that the next Nintendo game system may support 3D Blu-ray titles and 3D games.”

While the rumored next generation Xbox and Playstation 4 are rumored to hit the shelves a mere six to seven years from now (it may be longer than that according to some game pundits), Nintendo has been quietly making gains on their

Gaming consoles play a major part in HDTV sales as the graphics can be much more vibrant and intense compared to the older CRT (Cathode-Ray Tube) TVs. 3D HDTV’s will get a huge boost from the gaming industry as the 3D game consoles start to become available. Serious gamers want the best home theater experience possible when new HDTV technology is hitting the market. This will hopefully get the 3D HDTV market to get their act together and develop a universal pair of 3D glasses or just eliminate the glasses alltogether.

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