Blu-Ray Is Here To Stay

“The NPD Group said that consumers have been spending more on buying and renting Blu-rays and DVDs than all of the digital options combined.” “The same report says that about 78 percent of a home’s video budget is being spent on Blu-ray and DVD, while just 22 percent goes to streaming and download options such as Netflix and Amazon VOD.” This Means that Blu-ray players especially 3D Blu-Ray player sales will continue to rise.

IHS Screen Digest says that Blu-ray player sales doubled in Q1 2011 over the same time last year, with FutureSource predicting that there will be about 50 million Blu-ray playback devices in US homes by the end of this year. People are also showing a

We all want to have the best home theater experience possible and the Blu-ray and the 3D Blu-ray player can help give us this experience. It also looks like the 3D Blu-ray player will be the stanard as the 3D technology contiues to advance further in the near future.


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