The Vizio E3D320VX 32-inch 3D LCD HDTV

The Vizio E3D320VX is the smallest of Vizio’s new, passive, 3D HDTVs at 32-inches and retailing for $549.99. It also comes with two pairs of passive (polarized) 3D glasses and has bult in WiFi. The display has 1080p display with a contrast ratio of 200,000:1 (dynamic) with a 60Hz refresh rate. Another feature it has is the Ambient Light Sensor that will automatically adjust the overall brightness of the display to account for changing lighting conditions in the room.

The Vizio E3D320VX is part of the first wave of passive 3D televisions to hit the market, but that shouldn’t worry you. Reviewer Andrew Robinson found the E3D320VX very impressive, especially considering its low price point.

There are many more features that this Vizio E3D320VX 32 inch 3D LCD HDTV has but the one thing that is really exciting is the fact that you can use the RealD Glasses from your local theater on any Vizio E-Series display. Each time you see a 3D movie at your loacal theater you will eventually end up with many pairs of RealD 3D glasses so no one will not be left out of of your best home theater experience that can be fun for all ages.

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