TV Is Not Dead, It Is Evolving

A new study by the Nielsen Company reports two percent fewer American homes own TV sets compared to 20 years ago. One reason is some americans cannot afford to replace their TV when something goes wrong. In the same report the transition to digital broadcasting in 2009 made it more difficult for some peple to make the switch to digital broadcasting. The copany also says that they may need to include “Internet video viewers” to determine TV ratings.

All you’ll see here are LCD’s and plasma screens. “Just getting parts are almost impossible. The repairs now compared to what it cost to replace a set with the prices coming down so much it’s not economical for a lot of people,” says La Cruz.

Streaming movies from home computers and laptops can also contribute to the decline in TV ownership as well as a much faster lifestyle that more people are experiencing. More and more people are watching movies and other broadcasts on their smartphones and laptops in between their busy lifestyle. The internet has evolved and has merged with the newer HDTV’s and has changed quite fast in the last couple of years. More and more people are experiencing their best home theater viewing experience by integrating various other media devices other than a standard HDTV.

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