Just Wave Your Hand To Navigate Hulu Plus

Once you have your Xbox kinect turned on and have a Hulu Plus subscription then you can use your hand to navigate through shows and movies as well as using voice command without using the remote control. Hulu is not without its own problems though. There are commercial breaks and a “WEB ONLY” badge that appears when the show or movie can only be viewed with a web browser which can be a pain for most people.

could enjoy their Hulu Plus streaming video subscription beyond the computer, and/or whether the Microsoft Kinect Sensor for Xbox 360 can be used for something other than dancing games, we have hard answers from the front lines of the home theater.

When purchasing a streaming service like Hulu, you would think it would be without commercial interruptions. The fact that remote free navigation can be used in conjuction with the Xbox Kinect is a great introduction to this technology. This can only mean that this technology will only get better and that it will evolve and become more user friendly in the near future. Having the best home theater experience also means trying out new technology even if it still has some bugs to work out.

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