Active Or passive, That Is The Question

When Buying your next 3D HDTV you will most likely have to make a choice between an “active” or “Passive” 3D HDTV. “Active” 3D HDTV’s have twice the resolution but at a price. They are more expensive which if you have a large familiy you could end up spending more on 3D glasses then on the actual 3D HDTV. Then there is the issue of the “Active” 3D glasses having mechanical shutters that alternately open and close rapidly to produce the 3D effect. Anything with moving parts will eventually break down. This means you will likely need to have some kind of warrenty which will jack up the price even more. For the best picture and money is no issue then I would get a “Active” 3D HDTV. If you want and afforable 3D experience for the entire family then by all means I would buy the “passive” 3D HDTV.

All of this hardware typically makes these glasses heavy, clunky and uncomfortable to wear (although the latest top-end models have improved significantly here). Some active 3D glasses don’t fit over prescription eyeglasses; this alone would be a

If you have kids I would definitely get a “passive” 3D HDTV and don’t look back. “Passive” 3D glasses are much cheaper to replace if something were to happen to them. Your kids will enjoy the 3D experience more if they are wearing the lighter “passive” 3D glasses and you will not have to worry if someone is being rough with your more expensive “active” 3D glasses. For now I think there is a market for both types of glasses but in the end I really believe only one will win.

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