3D HDTV Sales Are Going To Soar This Year

23.4 million 3D HDTV’s are likely to be shipped this year which is up from last year’s 4.2 million, according to IHS iSuppli. With changes in marketing strategies as well as lower prices, 3D HDTV’s will be much more appealing to consumers.

This year, it is more than likely that 3D will be available for programs such as sporting events, films, documentaries, and prime-time shows, says IHS iSupply. Furthermore, 3D TV producers will offer a choice in 3D glasses. In the past, viewers had to

3D HDTV’s got off to a slow start but times are changing and as prices drop more and more people are able to experience the 3D revolution. More people want the best home theater for their hard earned money. 3D technology is going to change how we are exposed to media advertisments and other technologies. How cool would it be to be able to run on the tread mill and run through a computer generated enviroment in 3D? There are endless possibilities with 3D Technology and it is the future.

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