Break Free From Cable And Satellite And Save A Lot Of Money Every Month!

Cable and satellite can set you back around $90.00 per month and most people still end up renting movies. By using Hulu Plus, Netflix and a home theater pc along with a service called Boxee to organize and find all of your favorite free content you can cut down your bill to around $21.00 per month and only watch what you want and when you want on your best home theater without paying for shows that you do not watch.

You can also buy a little mini desktop computer designed to be part of your home theater, which will run you from $300 to $350. Most DVR services have a search function to help you find your favorite shows. After Fred ditched his DVR,

Most people these days spend a ton of money for services that they do not use. The one pet peave about cable that I have is while you are spending close to a hundred dollars a month they still stick it to you by charging you extra money for on-demand services. I think this should be included for free or at least only charge a $1.00 per night like they do with RedBox movies.

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