Passive 3D HDTV’s Are Expected To Exceed Active 3D HDTV’s In Future Sales

“Passive” 3D HDTV’s are expected to exceed “Active” 3D HDTV’s  in sales by 2015 according to a recent study.

Because the polarized 3D glasses are much cheaper to buy (as low as £2 per pair) and more convenient to use (they do not require batteries, synchronisation nor charging), passive 3D TVs have been expected to gain market share, especially with several


It would seem logical that “Passive” 3D HDTV’s would win the battle over the “Active” 3D HDTV’s since “Active” 3D glasses are so much more expensive than the “Passive” 3D glasses. Large families will tend to buy 3D HDTV’s that are “Passive” in order to save money and will be able to buy more 3D glasses without leaving other family members out during family movie nights on their best home theater.

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