The Aperion Verus Forte Speaker Line Is A High-End 5.1 Channel System With Excellent Sound!

The Aperion’s Verus Forte Speaker Line is a high end surround sound system for the best home theater. You can only purchase this system direct from the company. This a 5.1-channel system with each speaker wrapped in a faux velvet bag instead of the normal plastic most speakers come packaged in. The Aperion Verus Forte Tower set are 35 inches tall and it is suggested to put the speakers on top of quarters or silver dollars if you want a richer sound if they’re not being placed on a rug or carpeting. The whole system retails for $2489.00 and this does not include the reciever.

However, they work particularly well when matched up for a full Forte multi-channel surround system. For this review, we created a 5.1-channel system that comprises the entire Verus Forte line: two Towers for front left and right, a Center for the

This is a very nice 5.1 speaker system that will enhance your best home theater listening experience that everyone will enjoy with all kinds of movies and music. The whole system comes with 2 Aperion Verus Forte Tower Speakers, 1 Aperion Verus Forte Center Channel Speaker, A pair of Aperion Verus Forte Bookshelf Speakers, and a Aperion Bravus II 10D Digital Subwoofer.

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