The Sony NSZ-GT1 Blu-ray Player Review

The Sony NSZ-GT1 Blu-ray player is an “android” for your HDTV for $400.00. It comes with the ususal streaming capabilities along with a few more including CNBC Real-Time, HBO Go (available only if you get HBO through your cable or satellite provider), the Onion, and Twitter. You can also use the Google Chrome browser for getting on the internet on your best home theater system. You can also stream most videos that aren’t available through using apps.

In a world where every Blu-ray player has an Internet connection and several streaming options, the NSZ-GT1 stands out. You can thank Google TV—which is Android for your television—for that. But lackluster image quality, a identical price tag ($400,

The Sony NSZ-GT1 Blu-ray player is designed to carry Internet video and traditional television together to be able to control and stream content from your set-up box or DVR so that all of your movies or shows end up in the same cache.

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