The BlackWing MK2011 3D Projector

For under $10,000 you can have the BlackWing MK2011 3D projector Series in your best home theater from Cineversum. This projector has 3D capabilities along with HDMI connections. The co-founder John Caldwell, the North American distributor says it has “the ability to interface anamorphic lenses for constant height, 2.35 cinemascope viewing with 3D material.”

The projector uses active shutter 3D glasses and features a 3D emitter that Cineversum says is simple and quick to integrate into a home theater setup. John Caldwell, the co-founder of the company’s exclusive North American distributor,

This is a nice high-end 3D projector that will look good in any high-end home theater. If you are a fan of the “Active Shutter” 3D systems then this is one to definitely consider looking into which also is nice looking as well!

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