Projector Sales Are Expected To Grow 10% Annually

Epson has announced the 70 millionth HTPS TFT panel for 3LCD projection systems. The projector market is expected to grow by approximately 10% annually, as Epson continues to answer customer needs. The company will expand and enhance its HTPS lineup with panels which will raise the performance of 3LCD projectors.

Recently, however, applications have expanded, as projectors have come to be used in home theater for a cinema-like movie viewing experience, in education as an effective tool for supporting classes, and in commerce and other fields for projecting

Projectors have definitely made an impact for consumers when choosing the best home theater system equipment. Just a few years ago it seemed liked only a few were used in homes and very expensive. While there are still expensive home theater projectors on the market there is a much better selection with a wide range of prices that makes it easier for the novice to look into designing a home there with a projector.

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