Panasonic’s Smart Viera HDTV’s Offer A Full Interactive Experience

Panasonic has added 16 new Plasma models to their line due to the increase of Plasma HDTV sales. Panasonic’s Smart Viera HDTV’s offer a full interactive experience for the consumer with catch up TV, videos, music and internet radio, interactive games and social networking, as well as Skype. It also is Wi-Fi capable and has an Ethernet port, as well as SD card and USB capabilities. Users can also personalize their entertainment experience with apps downloaded from the Viera Connect Market.

With a 20 percent increase in Plasma sales last year, Panasonic introduced 16 new Plasma models, including 12 new Neo Plasma full HD 3D Tv models. A further 10 introduce full HD 3DTV to LED LCD Viera models and LCD models. What this means for consumers

In My opinion Panasonic is heading in the right direction as technology is evolving very fast. This will allow more and more poeple to have many entertainment and communication choices that will enhance the best home theater experience as well as enhance learning at faster speeds in the comfort of your own home. This technology will likely alter the way we socialize at a faster rate as well.

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