3D Technology: Pros And Cons

3D technology started in the 1950′s but has not had much of a wide interest until now. The Studios needed a way to draw more people to the cinema’s since there is a lot of competition between the movie theaters and the expanding line of the best home theater equipment that has become more accessible to the mainstream public. The 3D technology has spilled over into the HDTV industry and has caused an explosion of 3D capable HDTV’s and Projectors as well as the gaming industry. Not everyone can watch movies in 3D and there is a percentage of people who cannot see 3D or they might experience some health issues. Some of these health hazzards depend if the movie was filmed in 3D or converted to 3D after the movie was filmed.

(BUSINESS WIRE)–Far from the days when the TV was content to sit on any table or open rack, consumers today are looking for fully-featured furniture solutions for their home theater to match the latest technology.
Business Wire (press release)

It appears that the 3D industry is here to stay. There is still a lot of avenues to explore with this technology that could possibly change our entire reality like the way we will be educated to the pleasures of home entertainment. In my opinion I do not see 3D technology going away. I think it will be permanantly be intergrated into our daily lives.

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