Access The Internet From Your Couch With The Logitech Revue Box And Full QWERTY Keyboard

Is your HDTV a Google HDTV? If not then for under $300.00 you can connect the Logitech Revue Box and start streaming from your favorite online movie services or you can browse the web from your couch with a full QWERTY keyboard and login to your Facebook and connect with friends.

Turn any TV into a Google TV and enjoy a limitless supply of entertainment from your home theater system! By simply connecting the Logitech Revue Box to your TV you can begin to stream from millions of different movie or video options over the Internet

I would put this Logitech Revue wireless Google HDTV companion box in my best home theater to be able to access things like YouTube viedos to show friends on my plasma HDTV when having parties. Just imagine that you will no longer be restricted to having everyone huddled around your laptop computer screen and having beer spilled on your keyboard while getting some laughs from YouTube!

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