The Optoma 3D Projector Package Is A great Way To Test The Waters Without Spending Thousands Of Dollars!

For a 3D home theater projector despite the fact It doesn’t allow for lens shift, the Optoma HD6700 3D 720p projector is a great buy if you are looking into a 3D projector package that includes the projector, converter box and a pair of active 3D glasses for under $1200.00.

So it doesn’t work well as a dedicated home theater unit, but it would work great in a loft or bonus room, or as the projector you pull out and put on the coffee table when you want to watch something in 3D. The 3D-XL is where things got really

I would seriously look into this 3D projector package if you are new to some of the best home theater projectors on the market. This is an awesome deal to get into the 3D home theater projector scene. You could save yourself thousands of dollars by strating out with the Optima 3D projector package!

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