iSky Starfield Systems Are Now More Affordable

Fiberoptic Studio Corp. Starfield Ceilings are known with high-end home theater enthusiasts for the realistic night time sky scenes that light up and twinkle like real stars. The company just recieved a patent for their star ceiling panels that now more afforable and easy to install. The iSky Panel Systems are available in standard absorption as well as with diffusion.

Starfield ceilings are nothing new to home theater enthusiasts. However, Fiberoptic Studio Corp. says they have something truly special- and now they’ve got the patent to prove it. have receive a US patent (#7766526 B2). The product combines fiber

The best home theater just got better with the new Starfield Ceiling panels. There are more choices for your home theater decor which is producing much fancier home theaters than going to an actual cinema.

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