RealD 3D Glasses To Be Used With Samsung’s new 3D HDTV’s

Samsung and RealD companies are making a licensing agreement to put 3D panels into computer montitors and televisions to be used with the RealD 3D glasses. According to some reports the images will be full-resolution and the glasses are the same 3D glasses used in RealD-equipped theaters.


Well, home theater buffs, it’s looking steadily more like 3D is not, in fact, just some gimmick cooked up by the dying movie theater industry, but rather like a growing part of our lives. And as such, we recently found that Samsung and RealD,
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This is awesome news! I have no problems with wearing RealD 3D glasses since these are light weight and comfortable. I really beleive Samsung’s HDTV sales will skyrocket with this agreement. The best part is the glasses are etremely inexpensive or even free if you already have a pair that you took home from seeing a 3D movie at your local cinema. I would not even hesitate to purchase a 3D HDTV from Samsung when these 3D HDTV’s are on the market to put in my best home theater.

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