Play Back Virtually Any File Type On Your HDTV With A Home Theater PC

Play back virtually any file type, browse the web, play games at 1080p resolutions and more with the ASRock Vision 3D HTPC, with NVIDIA 3DTV Play technology home theater PC.

Although Home Theater PCs have been around for quite some time, they are still somewhat tough to define. For some, the term HTPC conjures up images of an ultra small form factor, low-power system that will be used for nothing more than accessing

Home theater PC’s are a great way to integrate many different media file types that you might have that you normally could not play on your HDTV in your best home theater. This could be the last days of cable and satellite as the internet and computer technology evolve. It used to be that the cable company would program when you can watch movies. Now the people have the power to pick what they want to watch at anytime they wish to watch it which in turn will eventually take away the need for cable and satellite providers. This alone will free the people from cable and satellite monopolies.

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