Samsung And RealD’s New 3D HDTV Technology Solves The Current “Active” And “Passive” 3D HDTV Problems

The current passive 3D TV sets from LG and VIZIO use a polarized coating on the screen to separate out the left and right images that can cut the picture quality in half. This is why there has been a debate between “active” and “passive” 3D HDTV’s. Samsung and RealD announced a joint licensing agreement yesterday to manufacture display panels which feature a new jointly developed 3D display technology. The technology, which combines elements of active shutter 3D and passive 3D display, will deliver full resolution 3D images to each eye utilizing passive RealD 3D cinema glasses. This technology will dispay a full HD 1080p image to each eye. The active shutter technology from the glasses into the TV itself.

But a hybrid 3D TV display such as this, which combines the resolution of active 3D with inexpensive, light 3D glasses just may prove to be the best of both worlds. In Mr. Cameron’s own words, “RealD and Samsung’s new displays look fantastic and


Even though I posted a different article yesterday about this news, I felt compelled to post a similar article today as this is going to be a HUGE innovation to improve the current 3D HDTV’s problems.

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