Don’t Bring Your Popcorn Or Drink On This Ride!

This weekend at the Rave Westroads theater in Nebraska and Iowa is unveiling 46 new D-Box motion system seats that move and vibrate along with what’s happening on the screen.

Others have pointed to movie quality or home-theater flat-screens with pay-per-view convenience. D-Box joins 3-D films, rocker-recliners, enhanced concessions and full-menu restaurant and bar service at your seat as options area moviegoers have now

This is great for movie theaters to attract more business, it will be like buying tickects to a carnival ride excpt you are in it for the whole duration of the movie. I would suggest having your popcorn and drinks after the movie if you happen to purchase a D-Box seats, especially in 3D! LOL! You can also purchase D-Box Seats for your best home theater experienc as well.

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