Apple TV Is Like An Internet Cable Box

If you are confused as to what Apple tv is, the quote in this article sums it up nicely, “sort of an Internet cable box”. Appleā€™s AirPlay software lets you stream directly from a computer or iOS 4.2 source along with home sharing that lets you lets you send music, movies and TV shows from iTunes and other sources to your TV.

At $99 (less than some super-premium HDMI cables), the Apple TV 2G is a great buy and a fun addition to any HDTV or home theater. As long as you don’t have to depend on the remote for text entry, it’s fun and easy to use. Apple offers a wide variety of

Apple TV is an inexpensive accessory that retails for $99.00 and is a great edition to your best home theater especially if you are a fan of Apple computers and othe products that they sell.

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