There Is No Difference Between The High Priced And The Cheaper HDMI Cables

PC Magazine has reached the conclusion that brand-name vs. no-name are no different and you will be wasting your money buying high priced name brand HDMI cables for your best home theater. As a digital data carrier, HDMI isn’t subject to the same kinds of problems that trouble analog transmissions. It either works or it doesn’t.

Name-brand HDMI cables, such as Monster, often sell for $100 or more. And even when a cheaper version is available, such as Best Buy’s Dynex house brand, many salespeople will steer you to Monster – or maybe to Rocketfish, another Best Buy house brand

You can save yourself lots of money on HDMI cables by finding great deals online, you might have to wait an extra few days for shipping but its worth the savings in the long run.

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