The Sony Bravia Blu-ray Player Is Packed With Internet Video Services


Blu-ray players offer a lot of streaming media services that helps us break free of the cable and satellite monopolies giving us so much more media content to choose from at lower prices.

Sony’s Bravia Internet video is the same on most 2011 Sony Blu-ray players–and home theater systems with built-in Blu-ray players–but considerably different from the Bravia Internet video content portal offered on Sony HDTVs.

Enen though the Sony Bravia may not support a lot of social media services, A lot of them may not be as useful to use on your HDTV. In my opinion I would focus more on the Blu-ray players ability to stream various streaming video services and leave much of the social networking sites to your home computer for your best home theater experience.

CNET (blog)

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