Boxee Is Like A “Sleeper Hit Movie”!

If you are looking to bring movies, TV shows, photos and music from the web to your TV the Boxee is what you may be looking for to enhance your best home theater experience. In case you don’t know Boxee is like a cable box for internet media. You can use Boxee via wireless or ethernet. You can download movies from torrent sites and watch them for free if you want to as well.

The little black and green glowing box sits next to your TV, and using it means you’ll never have to deal with messy HDMI cables and 2nd generation laptops when trying to watch Web TV again. Much like Apple’s TV (or much anticipated HDTV),

Boxee in my opinion is like a “Sleeper Hit Movie” in that not everyone is on board but when people do cross over and Jump in, you will be wondering how in the world you have been living without it. I think the cable and satellite companies will be getting very worried as Boxee becomes more and more popular as it brings the internet and and streaming services to your home theater with TON’s of options. You can even use your iPhone or Android device as a remote control!

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