Buying The Best Sony HDTV

If you are in the market for a new Sony HDTV for your best home theater then you have a choice between a wide range of choices from LCD to LED HDTV’s. With Lots of choices and features you will likely find a Sony HDTV that suits all your home theater viewing needs.

Similarly, the HX925 has all the 3D bells and whistles you could ask for. The 3D transmitter has to be purchased separately and plugged in on cheaper Sony TVs, but the HX925 has it all built in — it also comes with two pairs of rechargeable 3D glasses

If you want the top of the line Sony 3D HDTV then check out the Sony HX925 which has the most advanced LCD panel and LED lighting system which is called Intelligent Peak LED along with a top-of-the-line X-Reality Pro picture processing engine and a MotionFlow rate of 800. This high end model comes in a 65-inch and a 55-inch screen. The 55-inch has a price tag of $4499 and the 65 inch has not been priced yet.

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