How To Set Up Your Best Home Theater A/V Receiver Without Throwing A Fit

A/V receivers are sometimes inimidating for a lot of people but you don’t have to worry about that with modern receivers nowadays. With a graphic user interface that you can access on your HDTV screen via your receiver, it is now an easy and painless task to set up and configure your surround sound system.

Learn how to set up an A/V receiver easily and correctly with our simple, step-by-step guide to taming your home theater’s intimidating mission control. With a back panel riddled with connections, a front panel speckled in all manner of buttons,

Have you ever wanted to throw away that thick manual that comes with your receiver after you had tossed it around the room a few times due to a fit of frustration? Now you can open up your trash can or in this case “recycle” that paper manual and just sit back on your couch with a cold one in one hand and the remote in the other and set up your best home theater surround sound system without breaking a sweat.

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