Every Best Home Theater May Need A Wii U Console To Further Enhance The Home Theater Experience

Since portable devices are being integrated into home theaters like computers, cellphones, tablets, ect. The new Wii U console lets you play games on the console itself via a 6.2-inch touchscreen or on your HDTV in your best home theater setup. The new console even lets you make video calls, browse the web, and share stuff from the new controller to the TV.

In fact you might say the Wii U is just the Nintendo DS dual-screen concept snapped apart and enlarged for the full home theater experience. And Nintendo went well out of its way to assure everyone the Wii U isn’t designed to supplant the DS and 3DS

The Wii U hits the stores in 2012 but at this time there is no word on how much it will cost. I do like the idea of playing a game on the console itself and then switching it to play a game on an HDTV. Imagine how much fun the kids can have by drawing on the touchscreen and then sending the images to your TV to show everyone in the room! This is just another example at how fast gaming technology is being integrated into the home theater.

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