Get Great Advice For Building The Best Home Theater

Home Theater Forum is a great place to learn about home theater equipment especially if you are thinking of designing the best home theater that you can. Forums like this one can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars by helping you avoid buying equipment that you do not need or showing you how to build a home theater room from the ground up or even hiring the right installation company.

We are in the proccess of building our dedicated 13×22 home theater. We have 2 rows of seating with about 3 feet to the side walls and 5 feet from the back wall. Is…

Is building your own home theater room something you are interested in? If so, then what kinds of questions would you have? I guess my first question would be, “Is a flat panel HDTV or a projector and a screen be the better option.” I would think that room size would be the deciding factor for me and if the room is big enough then I would go for a Projector and a large size screen to give me the feeling of being at the local cinema.

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