Why Watching 3D sports Can Determine The Fate Of The 3D Industry

If you are wanting a 3D enabled HDTV for your best home theater or already have one you might want to check out the ESPN 3D network and duck when those home runs are coming at you at lightning speeds. The fate of the entire 3D industry may be in the hands of the ESPN 3D network.

When will companies and people realize that there is NO future in the ’3D’ hype that is so omnipresent at the moment? The best film makers are all opting for 2D only, and if you really are sad enough to sit in a sports bar wearing 3D glasses with

Do you have the ESPN 3D network? Which 3D home theater system do you use with ESPN 3D? I personally think 3D is here to stay, the industry is just going through the expected changes like any other new home theater features.

Wired News

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