The Acer Revo RL100 Home Theater PC Will Be A Great Companion In The Best Home Theater

The Acer Revo RL home theater pc is now available for $499.99 to $569.99 depending if you want a built in Blu-ray drive. The backlit keyboard has a dual-mode wireless touchpad that is about the size of an index card which can also funtion as a touchpad mouse with the flip of a switch.

Acer’s Revo RL100 home theater PC features a super-slim chassis, dual-mode wireless keyboard, and Nvidia Ion graphics. Computer maker Acer is rolling out its Revo RL100 media center PC at United States retailers today, taking a shot at being a

I really like the fact that the keyboard is small enough to be used by your thumbs similar to texting on a phone. The Acer home theater pc is also sleek and stylish looking even for the best home theater.

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