The Seating Distance From Your HDTV In Your Best Home Theater Depends On The Size Of Your Sreen

The seating distance from your flat panel HDTV can make a huge difference when it comes to the quality of your best home theater setup. In some cases a projector and screen may be a much better option than a flat penel HDTV due to limitations on the size of the screen.

I’ve check the internet, other forums, friends, and stores and I keep getting different recommendations. We have a bilevel (raised ranch) house. Our family room is…

A really good tip by Jim Mcc in the home theater forum which I am quoting here is: “With a 12′ seating distance, the rule of thumb with HD is: Screen width X 1.5 = seating distance. EX: Screen 8′ wide X 1.5 = 12′ seating distance. A screen 8′ wide is 110″ diagonal(54″ X 96″). If you want to stick with a TV, I wouldn’t even consider anything under 65″ diagonal. And even with that, I’d move the seating closer.”

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