Control Your Best Home Theater From Your iphone, ipad Or ipad Touch With MyTVRemote

If you own an iphone, ipad or an ipod touch and you have all your best home theater gear set up then you might want to think about using the MyTVRemote system from Ryz Media. The MyTVRemote system is a small device that plugs in the headphone jack that uses an IR transceiver that controls various funtions in your home theater. The small devices come in four different colors for $9.99 each as well as access to a complete program guide depending on your zip code.

MyTVRemote joins the hunt of devices that let you use your iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone as television remotes.

If you like using new gadgets for your home theater then this little gadget along with the free app from Appleā€™s app store is an inexpensive device that could be useful to you.


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