Does Your Best Home Theater Equipment Include The Nintendo Wii U For Streaming Video As Well As Games?

Even though the Wii U will not have dvd or Blu-ray capabailities due to patent issues it will still allow you to stream movies from Netfix and every best home theater setup should have options for streaming media like Netfix in my opinion.

I for one am tired of the rats nest caused by too many devices plugged into my home theater. In fact, I would love for the console makers to offer an ultimate all-in-one – BluRay HTS with built-in console – then I’d only need one LARGE device to manage

With all the downloading of movies and streaming media maybe Nintendo is thinking way ahead and banking on the fact that physical movie disc sales are on the decline. This could be a smart move from the company. What is your opinion about Nintendo not putting in a dvd or Blu-ray player in the new Wii U console? Blu-ray players are inexpensive and this would not bother me personally in my opinion.

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